First morning of freedom

It’s Saturday and I woke up this morning to the dull clanging of La Santisima Trinidad church bell. It’s just outside our window in el centro of Mexico City: our home for a combined 18 years. We’ve lived in this maddeningly beautiful place we call our adopted home, but now it’s time to move on to pastures new via a huge hike.

Groggy and confused, my first day of freedom from work felt anxiety filled at first. I concluded I would need a few weeks to reset. But to hell with that feeling. I put the Libertines on, turned the kettle on, let the sun pour in and felt the weight come off.

Yesterday I resigned from my post in British Council. I worked there for ten years in various posts. Now I’m unemployed and what a feeling! It’s the end of an epic era in my life. I was touched and grateful to hear so many warm words from colleagues I care dearly for. All the best and so long.

Resultado de imagen para la santisima trinidad graffiti centro

We’re staying on one of the coolest and most underrated streets right in the heart of Mexico City with a dear friend as we were turfed out of our apartment at the end of our contract on Tuesday. It’s been a mad couple of weeks. Jen resigned a few weeks back, and I will always be grateful for everything she did to sort out the apartment while I was bashing away my last days in the office.

We’ve rid ourselves of our possessions. Just a few suitcases to our name. All those things we don’t need are now with people who wanted them and it feels good to rid ourselves of all that clutter.

This year is going to be minimalist and free feeling.

On Monday, we fly to the state of Chiapas aside the Guatemalan frontier to begin an adventure typically principally defined by borders.

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